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What will be the outcome, if Corporates and innovative Entrepreneurs and StartUps are working together?

RIGHT: New possiblities and business areas for all. Indeed, that's the key issue of BeNext.


We are bringing both worlds together, so that real innovation culture can be established in companies

NEW Opportunities.



So far, many corporates are visiting events and fairs to catch innovation on market. BeNext is working on your topics which are really focus on related and new business fields, becoming a market leader in future, as well.  


Even current projects in your company will be executed faster and more efficient within the BeNext program. 

REAL solutions.



Best of 2 worlds - having Solution Days or a Bootcamp till to establishing a great and prosperous cooperation between Corporates and StarUps. It will bring both to another dimension of solutions and become a real game changer. 


Well, take that great chance and start YOUR BeNext program. BeCause you can.

WIN-WIN for all.





 BeNext in 3 steps


In the first phase, we will figure out concrete business fields and needs of the Corporate and aligning the commitment to targets and motives for such a great value-driven and innovative cooperation with young Entrepreneurs and StartUps. All specific types of collaboration models will clarified in details to start on the best basis to take the right next steps.


BeNext signifies a  solution-based framework in the way of "DO-IT & MAKE-IT". After the successful scouting of appropriate innovative solutions,  Corporates and StartUps already working  within the first "Match-Meeting" on common possibilities for the integration and prosperous collaboration. 


If both sides have choosen the right setting, they already arise concrete solutions within a short time. Therefore, new products/services can be offered to customers or improve the corporate's inhouse processing fields.


New era of performance will be the result. BeNext. BeCause you can. 


Make Things Happen



Best of 2 worlds: As an enlighted Corporate you are working together with highly motivated and innovative young Entrepreneurs & StartUps. The results are unique and completely new solutions for you and your customers.  
Within YOUR individual BeNext program a real innovation culture will be established in your company. People will learn to live the new approach and support all coming stages in future to build up new business models for a great and sustainable development. 
BeNext is a unique program for successful MAKERS. We are working with many Corporates and StartUps since years - the next locigal step is to combine both worlds and let them grow together. BeNext. BeCause you can. 

BeNext Corporate

...and become a  company
of next generation.
BeCause you can.

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BeNext Stars 

Take YOUR chance working together with corporates in future


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